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Initial Impressions Of Flores In Rainbow Six Siege Operation Crimson Heist


Flores was added to Rainbow Six Siege last week with Operation Crimson Heist. He’s a brand new Operator with an interesting gadget that actually makes him quite an important asset to every team. I haven’t played a huge amount of the new Operation just yet, but I have played enough to give you some initial impressions. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing the reworked Border map, but I hope to have an opinion on that soon. For now, let me tell you about what makes Flores such a great Operator.

As you’re no doubt aware, Flores has a new type of drone as his gadget. It’s got a bomb attached to it and can be triggered to plant itself and explode after three seconds. The drone is constantly moving forward, and won’t stop unless you pin it against a wall, or trigger it to plant and blow. It’s also got a time limit on it, so you can’t simply set it off from spawn and live the match through these drones. You need to get close to the major locations on the map. For me so far, that’s meant being outside the main doors in Bomb matches.

The key change here is that I now never burst in or shoot a hold through a blockade to get a look inside. I crouch by the doorway and drop a drone, then I move that towards the bomb locations until I find an enemy. When I do, I plant the bomb a few feet away, and it usually at least injures the enemy player. I’ve managed to get a couple of kills with this device, and it feels great when you do that without them ever having seen the drone.

The only downside is that this drone can be shot if it’s seen. On the opposite team, players get an indicator showing them that the drone is nearby, so unless they’re really concentrating, they’re going to notice that you’re trying to kill them. This gadget definitely relies on other players sticking to tried and tested tactics. You can get in through the cracks in those tactics and tear them apart. However, it’s not a completely fool-proof ability, and it will occasionally fail.

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