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Hitman 3’s Berlin Egg Hunt Is A Good Base For Future Seasonal Events


As far as seasonal events in Hitman 3 go, Berlin Egg Hunt is a good start. There haven’t been any others specific to this game, though we have had some Christmas-themed ones in the past. If this is the standard for Hitman 3‘s seasonal events though, I’m all in. Berlin Egg Hunt is a new Escalation, though it’s only available for a limited time. It puts players in an Easter-themed version of Berlin, and tasks them with taking on three increasingly difficult levels. I can confirm that this Escalation is actually very challenging, unlike all of the Deluxe Escalations that have been released. I want this to be the worst seasonal event that Hitman 3 ever gets because that’s a great marker for quality.

In this Escalation, you have to follow the White Rabbit and use new Easter Egg weapons to take out enemies. Each one does something different, and there’s a learning curve to get through before you can feel as though you’ve mastered the Escalation properly. Aside from the first level, this Escalation offers a decent difficulty in terms of objectives and forces you to think of new alternative plans to the ones you’d rely on. Since the location is completely different, not all NPCs have the same patterns. The areas are also very different to what you’ll remember them being as well.

This seems to be where Io Interactive is making the best Escalations. By transforming a location, players have to re-learn everything they thought they knew. It’s no longer advantageous to have in-depth map knowledge. Likewise, weapon knowledge is useless here. The Easter Eggs are the new best weapons, and they’re impossible to understand without some practice. I’ve loved playing through this Escalation and earning my Silent Assassin rank for it. It’s nice that it won’t be around forever, because it means that it can be tweaked when it returns next year to keep things interesting.

Io Interactive is onto a winner with the new content they’re making specifically for Hitman 3. Hopefully The Collector Elusive Target is just as good, if not better when it launches later this month.

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