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Resident Evil Village Has A Cast Of Important Villains Vital To The Setting


A recent interview with IGN has revealed some brand new factors about Resident Evil Village. The one thing that I’ve locked onto is the fact that Lady Dimitrescu and her daughters are but one collection of important figures in the village that gives this game its name. There are several other villains behind the scenes, but they’re not that hidden. Much like a real-life tiny English village, the important characters in the area are all part of the community. They’re known by everyone, and no one crosses them. When an outsider comes in, they’re the first to react, and that’s never a good thing for the outsider. That’s what makes this upcoming release so damn terrifying.

Dimitrescu is incredibly powerful. She’s built like a tank and can hurl pretty much anything across the room. However, she’s also a sophisticated woman. She’ll probably use her claws before doing anything that might ruin her dress. Her three daughters stalk the hallways of the castle they live in, and it makes for an eerie setting that I can’t really handle in the dark. It’s one of the scariest pieces of gameplay I’ve ever played through or watched, and I’m not looking forward to the final release because of that.

These characters are terrifying enough, but there’s actually a cast working behind the scenes in this game. If Lady Dimitrescu is anything to go by, the other villains will all have their own themed area and accompanying smaller enemies. I think we’ve already seen the werewolf equivalent in previous footage, but those could just all be smaller weaker enemies. Without playing the final release it’s impossible to tell.

One thing that’s for sure is that this game has taken heavy inspiration from Resident Evil 4 when it comes to the cast of villains. They all have a role, and that grounds them in reality. Without them, certain aspects of the village wouldn’t exist. Ethan, and by extension the player, is a pawn in this village. He’s the outsider that needs to be crushed or assimilated. We’re going to have our work cut out for us when we come to complete this game later this year.

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