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The Werewolves in Resident Evil Village Are Terrifying


Over the weekend, I played 30 minutes of Resident Evil Village. The demo was a bit weird in that it plonked me in the middle of an area with very little context. The situation seemed to be far more explosive than I thought it was, which may be an indication that the story was further along than I knew. Regardless, soon after starting, I got to face off against some of the most iconic weapons from the game’s marketing material, werewolves. Let me tell you, these guys are not to be trifled with. They’re a foe that’s worthy of Resident Evil 7 and fit the theme extremely well.

The werewolves should be fast and lethal. That’s exactly what they are, but Capcom has given them a reason to also be slow and shambling when they need to be. This is similar to the Molded enemies in Resident Evil 7. They shambled towards you, with only small bursts of speed that wouldn’t cause too much damage. In Village, these guys are definitely the basic enemy. They’re something that you’ll be fighting a lot of, but that doesn’t make them helpless.

The werewolves look to be some sort of army sent by one of the major villains. They’re out to collect people and turn them. This probably serves a purpose, but the demo doesn’t make you aware of it. That’s why they walk slowly and menacingly towards you though. You can hear them growling, but they don’t pounce unless they get right down and rush you. Otherwise, they’re just a reskin of a Molded enemy. This allows you to shoot them about as accurately as you could the Molded in Resident Evil 7. The shambling makes it awkward, but it’s super satisfying when you kill one.

The only difference is that rush. They get right up in your face and injure you. This makes it almost impossible to fight them. Ethan has a good right hook on him, so you punch them off pretty quickly. This provides the distance needed to fire wildly at them. That uses up all your ammo though. I can’t think of a better basic enemy for this game. They’re so appropriate, and I’m excited to be scared by them again next month.

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