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The Villagers In Resident Evil Village Are Completely Unhinged


After playing the Resident Evil Village demo over the weekend, I’m quite afraid of the villagers you meet along the way. These people aren’t going to attack you, at least they don’t in the demo. It’s more that they have no grip on reality. They seem to have lost their minds by the time you come along, and that’s not a good way to get someone to like you. Moreover, it’s a terrible way to get someone to help you, and an even worse way to meet someone. I’m now as scared of these villagers as I am of the werewolves, and that’s saying something.

The first villager I met in the demo was an old woman. She’s touted as a witch of some sort, but she’s very devout over this Mother Miranda person. She hears a bell, tells you that everyone is doomed, and then promptly locks you out of her house. That’s not a nice thing to do. All it did was leave me sitting in the middle of the village being completely terrified. I guess that’s the goal of the game, but surely the villagers should be a bit nicer?

The second person I met was a young woman, who was helping her father. He’d been slashed by a werewolf and was in terrible shape. I offered to help, and he shouted me down. I was immediately suspicious. As I helped them into a shelter, he kept on telling me how awful and useless I was as an outsider. He kept it up until he turned, and that was when my fears were confirmed. Luckily, his daughter shot him in the face with a shotgun.

All the villagers in this safehouse were mental. They clearly have troubled pasts living in the shadow of a castle filled with vampires, but they could be a bit nicer when someone comes along to offer them assistance. I can tell you right now that I won’t be helping anymore of them. I’m going to let them get eaten alive, turned, and whatever else can happen. They’re just not worth the effort. I’ll go and find more green herbs to help me out instead.

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