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Who Is Mother Miranda In Resident Evil Village?


Mother Miranda is a big part of Resident Evil Village. She’s present in the game’s latest trailer, though you might not have noticed. There’s a prayer being said at the start of the trailer that mentions her, right as the camera zooms in on an alter with the Umbrella logo in the middle. That’s not what she’s about though, at least from what I can glean from the demo I played. I’m going to talk about all the references to this potential character here and try to give you an idea for what she might be when you finally get to play the game.

The prayer I mentioned is also one that the villagers in Resident Evil Village say in a circle during a big story beat in the demo. Most of the villagers are completely nuts, and others seem like down to Earth skeptics. Yet, each one of them is now faced with the impossible, monsters at their doors. That’s why they’re all extremely devout. They worship this Mother Miranda because she supposedly protects them. From what I saw though, she doesn’t.

There’s also a series of smashable goats in the game. These come with a warning. If you destroy them, you’ll anger Mother Miranda. I’m not sure if this is an actual mechanics that make the game harder or something that alters an encounter later on. What I do know is that it’s yet more evidence that Mother Miranda is powerful. We’ve had a few characters become almost deities in past Resident Evil games, but they’ve always had legions of followers because they’re frightening, not because they’re magical. I don’t know how we should take this, but I’m fearful for the actual in-game mechanic that’s going to be linked to it.

Finally, we know that the main villains in this game are fearful of Mother Miranda. Ethan’s daughter has been stolen for her, so there’s obviously a lot of control in her hands. I’m not sure what to make of her. I reckon she’s a real person, but I think she must be more than that. I can see her having a powerful mutation that allows her to control the other villains in the game. Maybe we’ll get a decent look at her this weekend.

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