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Castle Dimitrescu Is Going To Be A Nightmare To Navigate


Some new details about Resident Evil Village have come from a few previews of the game that are now floating around the internet. One that I’ve seen from GameSpot details Castle Dimitrescu, and exactly how difficult it is to move through. There are four very tough enemies in this area of the game, and each one is out to stop you from moving around it. Those enemies are Lady Dimitrescu and her three daughters. I’ve only had experience with one of the daughters, but I already know that this area of the game is going to be a nightmare for anyone playing the game.

The issue here comes from the fact that Lady Dimitrescu is a tank on legs who will pursue you through the castle. You can’t fight her. She just absorbs bullets and comes at you even more determined than before. The only way to deal with her is to run. Luckily, she’s quite a bit slower than Ethan. She has to duck down to get through doors, so she’s not sprinting after you any time soon. Instead, she’ll slowly march after you as you run away. I can see players using this to their advantage, hiding around corners and looping back around behind her, but these are all risky moves.

The secondary threats are the daughters. These women also can’t be harmed, they just disappear into a cloud of bugs. As a result, you’ve got to deter them, then run away as fast as possible. The thing is, they can fly ahead of you as a swarm and spawn there, ready to take you down. The only way to avoid them is to go through doors once more. It takes the daughters a few seconds to get around a closed door, so you can use this to your advantage and get away from them pretty quickly.

Ultimately, this area has been designed to be even more of a nightmare than Resident Evil 7’s Baker House was. There are four pursuing enemies, and not even all of them are part of the main roster of villains. I can’t wait to get frustrated when I die hundreds of times in this section.

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