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Rainbow Six Siege Is Helping A Lot Of People


Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular games on the planet. It’s got some incredibly competitive gameplay for players to master, and a tonne of cosmetics to chase. There are few competitive shooters that even come close to providing the same amount of fun as this game does. Now, Ubisoft has used that game’s player base to help out a charity in a big way. A charity bundle has generated an epic amount of money, and that will all go to help others who can’t play games in standard ways to get the equipment they need to enjoy the things most of us take for granted.

AbleGamers will receive $170,000 from the charity bundle in Rainbow Six Siege. The bundle was $6, but could also be purchased with in-game currency. For some, this would have been a no-brainer-free option. The thing is, even those who purchased it with in-game currency, which you earn by playing, were contributing to charity. It’s a fantastic move that basically sees Ubisoft acting as a company that will match your donations. Regardless of how you paid, the money went through and to the charity.

More bundles like this are planned for the coming year. It’s part of a new initiative at Ubisoft to help get players giving to charity, whilst also benefitting in the games they love. I’m sure the developers don’t mind making more cosmetics for people to enjoy either. Especially if they’re a good bit of fun to play around with. I love cosmetics, and time-limited ones are my favorite. You’ll never see them again after a certain period of availability, so you can be one of the few players in the world with that skin, weapon, or whatever else is on offer.

Ubisoft has had a bad time over the past year. There have been some terrible things coming out of that company’s staff, but it looks like it’s on the right path to healing that damage. At least in part. I’m excited to see what the team comes up with next. Considering how old Rainbow Six Siege is, it’s still not going anywhere. The game could keep going for another ten years and I’d be happy playing it. Hopefully, we get at least that amount of time to parade these cosmetics around.

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