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The Rick And Morty Rainbow Six Siege Bundle Is A Strange Crossover


Rainbow Six Siege has had a pretty crazy crossover event going on lately. It sees the game team up with Rick and Morty. Yes, that insane TV show that, while hilarious, has no place in a serious shooter like this. I can’t help but wonder why this crossover event has even happened. Rick and Morty isn’t a Ubisoft property, so that reasoning goes out of the window. Instead, I think there’s a bit more of a personal angle to this one, and I like what it means for the future of the game’s content. Check out the trailer below to see just how mental this is.

So as you can see, players can become iconic characters from Rick and Morty just by purchasing this bundle. It’s a crazy turn of events that I didn’t think I’d ever see. Ubisoft has a number of IPs that they could host crossovers with. In fact, they have already. There’s been Assassin’s Creed content and Immortals: Fenyx Rising content in Siege for ages. This one isn’t about IPs though, it’s about getting sales and making something you love. That’s why I like what it means for the future.

Clearly, the developers looked at Rainbow Six Siege and decided that they wanted to make a cosmetic pack from a show they all loved. That show was Rick and Morty. After making all the legal stuff work, they put it in the game. I imagine that it’s generating tonnes of money for the game. Rick and Morty is so popular that the fan base for the show is likely supporting the next year of development for this game. With that in mind, Ubisoft would be crazy not to implement more popular IPs in their cosmetics in the future.

I don’t think all cosmetics should be crazy. In fact, some of the best ones are the serious tactical gear packs. What I do like are the occasionally crazy outfits that make me laugh while I play though. I think there’s so much to be said about having fun in a serious game like this. This crossover pack is just a small step in a direction that I think the developer would be mental not to pursue further. All I ask for is a Simpsons crossover pack. That’s everything I want from Siege for the future.

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