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Should Sony Bring Sunset Overdrive To PS5?


Last week, it was revealed that Sony had successfully registered the Sunset Overdrive trademark. The game was an Xbox One exclusive, and you can still buy it and play it today, but Insomniac Games, the developer, owns the IP. With the Director for Sunset Overdrive having come back to Insomniac Games recently, everything seems set for the series to come to PlayStation. Here’s the thing though. The original launched in 2014, and while it was fun, it’s no longer groundbreaking. I don’t think anyone would play anything less than a sequel to it today. Whether Sony is up for Insomniac Games doing that is another story.

Sunset Overdrive is good bonkers fun. It’s a game in which capitalism is taken to new extremes, and an energy drink has basically ended the world in a small city. Players are tasked with clearing up the mess, and that involves them jumping around the place, sliding, and being extremely stylish. As I said, it’s bonkers, but it’s also fun. The game hit home with a few people when it first launched, but it was far from what was required to get the Xbox One off the ground. As a result, it’s sort of fallen by the wayside.

However, in that game, you can see the skills that went into the traversal in Marvels’ Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Those games were better because of the lessons learned in Sunset Overdrive. How good could a sequel be if it was made today? This is what I believe that Sony and Insomniac Games are going to do. They’ll work together to bring a sequel to the table, and it’ll be a PS5 exclusive. While the developer is also focused on Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, I think that it’s more than capable of working on a Sunset Overdrive 2 project as well.

I know that I’d play Sunset Overdrive 2 if it was a brand new title with a lot more features than the original. Anything less is a bit of a joke, and I don’t think I’d waste my time on it. I think that most PS5 owners would say the same.

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