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Green Hell Console Edition Launches Next Week


Next week, you can get your hands on Green Hell Console Edition. This is the major console version of the game, and it’s out on June 9, right in the middle of the week. I have to assume that there was too much competition at any other time of the week, which is why this game comes out right in the middle of it. When no one has time to play it. Regardless, the game has actually been available on PC and Nintendo Switch for a while now, and it’s adopted a pretty decent fan base. This new release should also include the major story expansion, which builds upon the story you experience in the base game.

Green Hell is a very special kind of survival game. It’s got a story at the centre of it, but most of your time is going to be spent fighting against the environment. Everything is trying to kill you, and it’s very difficult to learn how to combat that. You need to craft all sorts of tools to survive and will have to keep on top of your health if you want to make it through the night. You may suffer from cuts and bruises, or have leeches and all kinds of nasty diseases in your system. If you don’t monitor yourself, you’re going to die fast.

I expect that the Console Edition will have a few new features, such as trophies, and look a lot better than the Switch version. Really though, compared to the PC release, this version won’t look quite as good. I am excited to be getting the opportunity to play this game and get a platinum trophy in it. That’s something I’ve wanted to do ever since it first launched. It’ll easily be one of the toughest trophies to get in the world. When the game finally launches it should see a burst of activity from the fan base, resulting in a lot more people to play the game in co-op with. This isn’t a huge part of the experience, but it might make surviving in the jungle a bit easier on you. If not, at least you can all die together.

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