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Rainbow Six Extraction Is Everything I Want This Week


Earlier this week, Ubisoft officially revealed Rainbow Six Extraction. This is the game that has been called Rainbow Six Parasite and Rainbow Six Quarantine before. It’s a PvE-focused version of Rainbow Six Siege, and I honestly can’t get enough of it. I played the Rainbow Six Siege Quarantine event in 2018. It was my favourite event at the time, and still is despite all the great stuff that’s been in Siege to date. I’ve always wanted to see that mode blossom into a full game, and now it’s finally happening. Extraction is the next level for Siege.

In Rainbow Six Extraction, you team up with three other players and dive into a chain of missions. From what I’ve seen, there are four or five missions to get through, each one ending in a safe room. You need to fight through the mission and reach the safe room to secure your rewards for all your progress so far. It’s very much like Left 4 Dead, except it’s not zombies you fighting. The enemies are infected people who have been mutated by an alien disease. It makes them moldy and gives them red crystals that can penetrate any surface. They’re hard as nails to kill, and that’s why you need to be the best Operator possible.

You can choose as a team to extract from a chain of missions at any safe room. This will grant you fewer rewards, but you’ll make it out alive. I don’t know if there are any punishments for this, but I imagine you’ll miss out on something specific if you choose to drop out. Each mission in the chain has a different objective, so you might be rescuing an NPC in one mission, protecting them in the next, extracting them after that, then fighting through a building for a mission before extracting yourselves in the final one.

I think that this game is going to explode, and I can’t wait to play it. There are so many individual elements that I love, but what I think is drawing me to it most is how intrinsically linked it is with that Quarantine event from Siege. It’s what made me play Siege, and I’m so thankful that it did.

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