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Are All Rainbow Six Siege Events Potential Games?


Rainbow Six Extraction is a full game based on an event that first appeared in Rainbow Six Siege. The Quarantine event had full cinematics associated with it, and saw engagement jump through the roof at the time. It’s probably been the best event in Rainbow Six history, and yet, at the time, it wasn’t made clear that it was an idea for a full game. This has made me wonder if all the events in Rainbow Six Siege are, in some way, pitches that developers have made for full games in the Rainbow Six universe that are being tested by the players.

If you think about it, this makes quite a lot of sense. Rainbow Six Siege has a huge player base. One of the biggest on the planet. The developers are always working on the game, but they’re also always coming up with new ideas. When they have a good one and pitch it, there’s really no way to know how the main community would receive it. That’s where events come from. By giving players a new experience through an event, Ubisoft and tracks engagement and player feedback, using it to inform any decisions it makes on building a full game.

We’ve had events in the past that haven’t added much to the universe. For example, transforming the game into a deathmatch doesn’t work. The Operators are too bulky and built for stealth. Deathmatch game modes simply don’t work with the rest of the infrastructure in place. However, game modes in which those elements are taken into account, such as heists, or team-based objective modes, all work relatively well. That’s because the games are being built to feel like true Rainbow Six entries. Games that actively add to the world and bring something new to the table that all Rainbow Six fans will enjoy.

I reckon that we’ll see another pitch pop up in Siege soon. It might not be a good one, but one day, we’ll get an event that’s so good that it gets pushed into full development. All it takes is the right combination of gameplay elements and concepts to make for a brand new and exciting Rainbow Six adventure.

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