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Get Back Into Greedfall Today For Your Own Sake


Yesterday, Greedfall came to PS5 and Xbox Series X/S with a brand new coat of paint. The game has always been a bit of a cult classic, with some amazing relationship and choice mechanics that make for a fantastic time. It’s very similar to the BioWare style of RPG seen in the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series. Not only is it now enhanced for modern consoles and PCs, it’s also got a brand new piece of DLC. The De Vespe Conspiracy is an expansion on the base game and is well worth your time. Regardless of whether you’re a new player, or a veteran, there’s something that’s worth playing here if you’re up for a good time.

Greedfall, as I’ve mentioned, is a very similar game in structure to Dragon Age. You’ve got the story, choices to make, and some hardcore RPG mechanics along the way. There’s also an interesting armour and magic system, as well as a tense relationship feature that sees you turn some allies into full-on enemies after certain points. It’s got so much going for it, and it’s a shame that it didn’t quite take off as I think it should have. Still, over the years it’s garnered a huge fan base, and now it’s got this big piece of content slapped on top of it.

As for what the expansion is, you’ll need to investigate that for yourself. I’ll be spending most of my time dressing up in various outfits to feel accepted here and there in each faction. I would also love to replay the game and side with a new faction, though we all know that we’re all pretty much going to do exactly what we usually do anyway. Choices never chance for players who are stuck in their ways. The DLC will be worth exploring for those who are concerned with lore though, so if you care about that, get in on it now.

Ultimately, there are a lot of big name games coming out soon. However, this is a chance to get some more story out of an older title that you know and love. You don’t need to waste all your time justifying how much you love a brand new purchase, just slip back into this cozy title and enjoy it for a while.

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