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If You’ve Got PlayStation Plus In January 2021 Then You Have To Play Greedfall


The PlayStation Plus lineup for January 2021 was revealed in the last week of 2020. Thankfully, that year is finally over. However, the sweet surprise we were given just before it ended was the fact that Greedfall is going to be free for all PlayStation Plus subscribers in January 2021. I can’t explain how essential it is for everyone who can to download this game. Not only is a PS5 version on the way this year, it’s just a fantastic story-driven RPG that will fill the niche in your heart that’s crying out for more fantasy epics like Mass Effect or Dragon Age.

Greedfall is a relatively unknown game compared to the bigger names in the genre. However, it’s got all of the multiple endings and potential romances that RPG fans are after. It also has a number of interesting mechanics that make it a lot more fun to play and mess around in. Of course, I mean the faction system that sees you blend in with one faction whilst working for another, or just side with one altogether and hate the others.

There’s a lot of scope for replayability in Greedfall, and I think that’s the most important reason for all PlayStation Plus subscribers to download it. There’s still a few months to go before many of us can even contemplate having a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, so why not spend all that time enjoying a brand new game over and over again?

One thing that I think is very important to point out is that Greedfall has a lot of points that hit very close to home, particularly on matters that rose to prominence in 2020. A lot of people could benefit from playing the game and seeing the issues that it deals with, because there are parts of the world that, for example, the British Empire did exactly the same thing to as the conquerors to do Teer Fradee in Greedfall.

With DLC also on the way in 2021, I don’t think there’s a reason to avoid playing this game for free. For anyone who doesn’t have a PlayStation Plus membership, why not just get it for 2021? It won’t hurt.

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