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Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy Could Be Great If The Combat Is Fixed


If you’re a Marvel fan, then you probably didn’t miss the announcement of a Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game at E3 2021. The title bears a striking resemblance to Marvel’s Avengers, and I think there’s a good reason for that. It appears as though this was initially another multiplayer title, but Square Enix has shifted it back to a single player game after the reception their game-as-a-service model received in Marvel’s Avengers. Thankfully, that’s a good thing for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, but there’s one thing that still doesn’t look great. That’s the combat, and I don’t know how much they’re going to fix it.

The issue with Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy appears to be floaty combat, something that’s not great in any instance. Biomutant has a similar problem, but here it makes sense in a way. The floaty combat allows for gaps for other characters to fill in with their own attacks. This is meant to make it look like the team is fighting as a unit, working as one. However, in practice, the AI doesn’t seem to allow for that. There’s time to get this right though, since the game isn’t out for a good while yet. If the combat can be fixed, then this will be a true stonker of a Marvel game.

The biggest attraction with any Marvel game is becoming the heroes you love. In this title, you’re only Star Lord, though I reckon we’ll get expansions that allow you to play as all the other characters too. The overall vision is to be the Guardians of the Galaxy though, the group that’s always trying to do what’s best for the wider population in the universe. It looks like it gets all of that right, we just need the combat to be fixed. This is a criticism that a lot of press sites have echoed, and it’ll seriously impact your experience if it isn’t altered by the time the title launches. Still, at least is has a fantastic soundtrack to battle through, meaning that even if the combat is rubbish, it’s just giving you more time to listen to the music.

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