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Watch Dogs: Legion Of The Dead Should Be A Fantastic Extra Game Mode


Ubisoft has had Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead in alpha on PC for a while now, and it’ll probably stay there until it’s completely ready for all users to experience on every platform. It’s a brand new game mode for the Watch Dogs universe and actually has an incredible concept. It takes the reimagined city of London from the game and plonks a few NPCs in it as a group of players, pitting them against hordes of the undead everywhere else. The games have been built for this from the very start, but it’s taken this long for the developer to implement the game mode. Now, I’m really rather excited about it.

In Watch Dogs: Legion of the Dead, you can tackle a run with up to three other players. You’ll have to gather a minimum number of supplies before then heading to an extraction point. As you can imagine, there are some locals who are hoarding, and they’re not that happy about sharing with you. You must kill them, take their supplies, stay away from the undead, and then fight a final wave of undead before you’re extracted. If you die, you lose it all.

That’s right, this game mode has roguelike mechanics. You’ll earn points for every completed run, and they allow you to upgrade your character so that they can start a new run with better abilities, weapons, and things that can generally assist them. Over a few runs, you’ll be able to quickly grab more supplies than you need before hitting the extraction point, making it a piece of cake to get out of the area without a zombie even sniffing you.

I love the idea of this game mode. Unfortunately, at least for now, it’s stuck on PC in alpha. If you want to play it, you need to own the game on PC, and you’ll then be able to access it. Ubisoft is doing this because it wants to launch the game mode in a perfect condition as something that the entire fan base will enjoy from day one. As a result, you might be waiting a while for it, but the wait will be worth it.

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