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Why Does Farming Simulator 22 Look So Appealing?


Farming Simulator 22 is coming out this year, and it looks brilliant. It’s got more machines than ever to start messing around with, whether you’re cultivating a field, harvesting wheat, or tending to your grapevines. I’m really into this year’s entry, and it’s a game I’m going to double down on when it comes out in November. The problem is, I’ve never played a Farming Simulator game in my life, and I don’t understand why I find this one so appealing. It might be because I live in the countryside and am surrounded by farmers, but I’ve never had the sudden urge to jump in a tractor and spend 18 hours a day farming, so why do I want to do it virtually?

Farming is very relaxing. That’s why we see it in so many games like Littlewood. It’s something we’d all like to do on a small scale, but no one actually wants to run a multi-million-pound farming business that relies on everyone working themselves almost to death every year who isn’t already doing it. The farming industry is filled with people who have been farming for generations and know what to do. It’s extremely hard for newcomers to get into, but that’s why games like Farming Simulator 22 are so appealing. They let you live that fantasy without the potential issues day-to-day farming can bring.

Simulator games take everything about a hobby or job and replicate it to a ridiculous degree. I’ve never understood why this is enjoyable, but I think it boils down to our sheer inability to do the things we’re simulating. Think about it. You might never be a farmer, but it’s worth giving this game a go just to see what it feels like. The level of accuracy in the series has only gotten better over the years, and this year’s entry is the best yet.

I still don’t know why I love the idea of Farming Simulator 22 so much, but I do know that I’ll be playing a lot of it. The effort that’s gone into making the game look and feel great is astounding, and I want to feel like a proper farmer without spending more than the cost of a house on a single tractor.

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