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Hitman 3 The Lust Assignation Is A Bold New Direction For The Game


Hitman 3 Season of Lust is finally here, and Io Interactive has really hit the mark with this one. The new Escalation, and another piece of content coming later this week, use random elements to make for a highly replayable experience. I’ve always maintained that the Silent Assassin runs in anything in Hitman 3 are the most enjoyable parts of the game, but they’re too easy when you can make a path that works every time. Now though, The Lust Assignation makes it clear that you can use random elements and still make this work. You can go for a new Silent Assassin run every time, and it’ll always feel fresh.

So the way this Escalation works is that there is a group of people in a room. You need to figure out which one is Lust’s admirer by opening safes around the location, a revamped version of Berlin. The clues are random, as are the safe locations, and the target changes every single time. You can try to identify the admirer by chance, but you get more satisfaction by opening every safe and then killing everyone else in the room before presenting the admirer with Lust’s bouquet.

I’ve had a brilliant time replaying this Escalation over and over again. I’ve yet to get a Silent Assassin run, and that’s saying something. Usually, I get that done on the day the content releases. This time though, it’s a satisfying challenge that’s taking me forever. I love it.

This week, a new mission is coming to the game that uses randomised elements as well. This one will be open for players to create Contracts in, and I think that’s when Hitman 3 is going to blow up again. The random elements mean that you can’t predict how things will go. I’m also quite interested to see if the random elements will vary in a user-generated contract. Even if the target doesn’t continuously changing terrain would make for some amazing content.

Io Interactive has been stumbling with Hitman 3 up until Season of Lust. I now feel that the developer knows what it’s doing, and is preparing Hitman 3 to be a game that can live without much influence from them for years to come.

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