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I Can’t Stop Playing Hitman 3 The Lust Assignation


The Lust Assignation is the new Escalation in Hitman 3 that was added with Season of Lust. It’s the first Escalation to use randomised elements, and, as you can probably tell if you read this site a lot, I am in love with it. It’s the most ingenious Escalation we’ve got because the randomised elements completely change your approach. Sure, you can attack the mission in the same way, following the same paths, but you’re not going to have the best time while doing that. Ultimately, unless you path goes past every safe, you’ll never have a good time. Instead, the fun comes from watching the changes between attempts and making a new plan as you go along.

This Escalation feels a lot more like what Agent 47 would be doing when he approached a contract. Nothing is certain. The clues he needs are random, so he can’t rely on identifying his target. He also can’t guarantee where his clues are, meaning he has to get into some pretty dicey situations to understand who his target is. The level of challenge that this adds is almost indescribable. It’s not impossible by any means, but it just makes for a much more engaging experience overall.

It’s a shame that it took IO Interactive so long to make something like this. It’s linked in with some content that, at this point in time, looks like it’s separate from everything else in the series. I think it deserves to be a full mission by itself. If IO Interactive had expanded it with more signature kills and maybe a second phase where all the pretenders move around the revamped version of Berlin and wait to be killed, then it would be better than anything else that’s currently in the game.

If you’ve not been convinced by the base game of Hitman 3, then the Season of Sins Collection is worth buying to see if you can get into it. I’ll admit, buying the best content on top of the base game seems like a rip-off. However, it’s well worth it if you want something that’s going to help you engage with the game on a new level.

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