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Finish All The Base Events In Hot Wheels Unleashed Before Buying The Expansion


Hot Wheels Unleashed has a tonne of content for you to race your way through. The two main events are time trials and standard races, but there’s enough variation in the tracks used that there doesn’t need to be anything more yet. There are also about 100 events to work through, which takes a lot of time to drive your way past. Then, you’ve got the Unleashed goals of each event, which add even more time to the game. While there is an expansion available, I’d recommend leaving it until you’ve completed everything in the base game.

The reason I’m writing this is because I’m notorious for moving on from a game too fast. I do it all the time, mostly because of my job, but also because I can’t seem to stick at a game unless it holds me in a vice grip. Hot Wheels Unleashed is engrossing, and I’ve been eyeing up the expansion since the game came out. However, in this one case, I’m forcing myself to finish everything in the base game and get all the Unleashed goals before I move on. It’s killing me, not because the game’s bad or the content is too difficult but because I desperately want to see the new stuff in the expansion.

I know that If I move on now though, I’ll never go back to finish all the other events. The expansion adds new cars, new races, time trials, and an expansion to everything else. It’s more of what I want, and that’s perfect, but waiting for it and getting the most out of the game is what developer Milestone deserves. Somehow this game about toy cars has gripped me more than any racing game, and I love that. I don’t want to do everyone behind it a disservice by moving on too fast and not appreciating every little piece I can find.

There are more expansions planned for this game too. Some add specific licenses like Batman or Barbie, others are more general. I’m so excited to play them that I’ve put more hours into this game than I normally do anything else, and I feel good for pushing myself to do it.

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