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The Haze In Grounded Is About To Get A Big Overhaul


Grounded is about to get a huge new update, Hot and Hazy. It brings an entirely new biome to the game, the sandbox desert, adds loads of new stats that you can change how you like on your character, armour, and weapons, and it reworks The Haze. Right now, The Haze isn’t anything special. It’s a part of the game that’s got a lot of dark stuff in it and enemies you can fight, but it’s really just an extension of the game that’s a bit different to the rest of the biomes. After this update though, it’s going to be so much more interesting to play in.

The Hot and Hazy Update adds mushrooms and all sorts of gruesome stuff to The Haze. It’s now an environment in which you need a gas mask to survive. The enemies here have been turned by the mushrooms and grow them on their backs. It’s similar to the virus in The Last Of Us, except on a much smaller scale. Interestingly, it’s probably more realistic than The Last Of Us since there are loads of parasitic fungi out there. You’ll need to bring the right stats and armour to kill these bugs, but there’s also more.

A new dungeon is being added to The Haze. It’s an underground lab where you can explore for ages and find all sorts of new and interesting items to collect and bugs to slay. This isn’t for the weak. The dungeon seems to be the biggest yet, and will provide the biggest challenge for all players. This is likely what you’ll be running through each time you log into the game, and the one place that you want to help to get your friends to so that they can have some high level gear too.

I’m so excited to drag myself through The Haze and see the true horrors that exist there. There’s so much in this game that I feel like it could be a bit overwhelming, but with enough patience and time, all of it can be mastred. It just takes a desire to see through The Haze and enjoy the carnage beyond.

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