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Did Ubisoft Make Castillo’s Soldiers Deliberately Antagonistic Towards Wildlife?


Having played a decent amount of Far Cry 6, I’ve come to learn one thing about the main villain’s army, it hates the local wildlife. I can’t figure out what it is exactly, but it feels like a deliberate choice on Ubisoft’s part to make these soldiers so damn angry at anything that moves in the bushes. I regularly come across them shooting into the woods in the hopes that it kills the dog they just saw, or maybe a jaguar, but the amount of force they sometimes use is obscene. For example, I was once running through some jungles only to have a tank blast my position and drive up behind me. However, the tank drove straight past me in pursuit of a wild dog that had clearly looked at it the wrong way.

Ubisoft’s games are known for having slightly wacky AI every now and then. To be honest, it’s part of what makes open world games fun. If you know how to game the AI, you can have a lot of fun with it and make the game better. Often, I think this is a deliberate design choice, because the developers know that it’s much more enjoyable to play a slightly wacky game than a game that feels like you’re living in a country where you might be taken as a slave.

I think someone at Ubisoft made the anger meter go up to eleven when the enemy AI sees animals though. Sure, they love their own dogs, but when they see anything that’s wild, they go nuts. Occasionally, you’ll come across a small battle between guerrilla soldiers and Castillo’s forces. These are great to watch and join in with. Sometimes you’ll even start them yourself when freeing some slaves that have run off. However, the fights between animals and Castillo’s army are the most brutal I’ve ever seen, and they’re just out of hand. If this isn’t a deliberate choice, then it’s something that got left pinned up on the board of things to get to until it was too late. Maybe one day this war will end, but I’m not sure I’ll enjoy the same wacky fun without it.

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