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I Hate Instagram But Love The Flamingo App In The Good Life

Oct 19

The Good Life is SWERY’s latest game, and it’s absolutely bonkers. It’s set in a tiny rural part of England where there’s barely any internet and everyone is somehow related to King Arthur. For all the mad lore that the game presents, it’s got a strangely compelling story and set of mechanics that make it really fun to connect with. One of those mechanics is an online app called Flamingo. It’s basically a form of Instagram that you use to earn money, and it’s easily the best thing in this game. As someone who hates Instagram, I can’t get my head around why I love it, but I’ll try to explain here.

So Flamingo rewards you with pennies for every like on your pictures. Your goal is to gain more followers so there are ultimately more eyes on your profile. To grow your followers, you need to take pictures from around the town that fit with the hotwords, which are basically hashtags. Each one you upload that gets a tonne of views and likes will earn you a lot of cash and even more followers. In my head, this is sort of what Instagram is like, minus the money of course, and I’m totally addicted. I can’t stop taking note of the hotwords and trying to optimise my page for them.

The thing is, games are like this. We can despise something in real life, or pay it no attention, but then in a game, we can adore a mechanic that revolves around it. I think football is another good example, but The Good Life just nails the idea of social photo sharing so well. The beauty of it is that there are no comments. You only have followers and likes. These two simple metrics make it easy for you to keep track of whether you’re doing well, or if you’re failing at the social photo game.

I don’t recommend The Good Life for this little feature alone. It’s barely something you need to pay attention to, but it does add to the simulation element of the whole thing, and that’s ultimately what’s going to help you love the game more.

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