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Where Are The Daily Challenges In World War Z: Aftermath?


World War Z: Aftermath is a genuinely great upgrade for World War Z. It adds in a lot of new content and revamps the older missions that you’ve played hundreds of times before. However, we were promised one thing that’s still not present in the game, and it’s starting to feel like the developers think we’ve forgotten. That one aspect is daily challenges, a variant of the weekly challenges that will occur daily and give us a chance to earn premium currency far more frequently than before. However, there’s been no word on these challenges since launch, and it looks like all the developers are working on is patches for everything else they added with the expansion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy with where World War Z: Aftermath is at. It’s got the perfect amount of content for newcomers and old fans to push through for hours on end. But the challenges feel empty when you can only complete them to earn premium currency once per week. Sometimes they’re so easy that they’re barely a challenge, while at others, they’re so difficult that it’s basically impossible to complete them. I remember one particular challenge that had a Bull that chased you around the mission, murdering the entire team if you didn’t complete each encounter quickly enough. That was way too hard, but then other challenges will give players way too much power, making any mission much easier.

The only thing I can think of that’s keeping daily challenges from releasing is Rats. This is a new type of enemy in the game that was added with Aftermath. They’ve been causing problems since day one, mainly because of how they work in the game and how they seem to have been implemented. I think there was a lack of playtesting on them, which is why every patch seems to address whatever issues have arisen with them most recently. I hope that Rats are fixed now, and that we can get ourselves some daily challenges to complete, because I’m getting a little bit tired of waiting for them at this point.

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