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Game Pass Is Worth Buying An Xbox For

This week alone is ridiculous for Game Pass. There are so many good games coming to it that are worth your time, but the problem is that there’s no time to play them all. The service might have started out quite slowly, without many people understanding what the point was, but now it’s an essential gaming subscription service. To be quite honest, it’s worth buying an Xbox console just so you can enjoy the games on it. I regularly sit down and gawk at all the choices I have with the service, and I’m always playing something new because of it. With the minimal monthly subscription fee, it doesn’t even feel like I’m buying games.

This week, for example, we’ve got the early access version of Forza Horizon 5, Unpacking, It Takes Two, GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, Kill it With Fire, One Step From Eden, Football Manager 2022, and two new versions of Minecraft to play. All of these games are appealing to one subsection of the gaming community at least, if not a couple. For me, I’m quite tempted by Football Manager 2022 because I used to love the franchise but haven’t touched it for years. I’m definitely going to play Forza Horizon 5, and these new versions of Minecraft are intriguing.

I wouldn’t be able to touch any of these games this week if not for Game Pass, and even then, I need an Xbox console to play them. For me, the Xbox is only essential because it allows me to engage with these games. There’s something about the various options that I have every time Game Pass updates that make me feel like a child when a new title is launched for a console. I was always so excited to play the game, and running to the store to buy it was the best part.

If you own an Xbox and are still buying big name games instead of paying for a monthly Game Pass subscription, I’d recommend reviewing your spending habits. This is honestly the best subscription service out there. I’d happily cancel my PlayStation Plus subscription for it. I hope you guys do too.