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The Choice Of Content In Riders Republic Is Crippling


Riders Republic is a great game, don’t get me wrong, but there is one critical flaw that it has, and it’s not really anyone’s fault. The game packs in so many extreme sports for you to play through, each one with its own career rank and score that you increase over time. There’s so much in the game in terms of these sports and choices to make that sometimes, it’s just hard to land on one. I’ve regularly found that I have started the game up, only to cave and go for the multiplayer playlist because I physically cannot decide what type of event I want to work through, and sometimes it feels bad.

I know that too much choice is a very first-world problem, but it’s a genuine issue that I think a lot of players will come up against. I’ve managed to work around it in my own way by picking one type of career to chase per gaming session. So one night I’ll only play bike events, and another I’ll play snow events, and the next one I’ll pick up flying events. This is how I’ve been working through the game, and there’s enough on offer in terms of new events unlocking that it’s worked for me so far. I expect it to stop at some point, and then I’ll be able to clear up the rest of the events as I go.

However, for someone with ADHD for example, this can be a real issue. I remember being so crippled with indecision as a kid that I would just not play a game. Sometimes it was so hard because I wanted nothing more than to play a game, but because I couldn’t settle on one, I ended up playing nothing and just getting angry. Riders Republic gets very close to being that annoying, but I don’t see how it could have been avoided.

The onus really is on players to pick and choose the content they want to play here. I’d recommend how I play, because I’ve not run into an issue with it yet. The multiplayer playlist is also great for helping out, because you’re forced into event types without thinking about them. Hopefully, the issue feels less prevalent towards the endgame.

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