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Will You Get Stuck In An MMO This Christmas?


Christmas is a weird time of year for anyone who enjoys playing games, at least I think it is. You generally have two types of people. The first is the type of person who wants to travel around seeing family and spending time with them. The second is a person who wants to stay inside and play games all day, preferably by themselves. I fall into that second category and I’m, not ashamed at all. However, my wife and her family are mostly the first type of person, so I’ll be traveling seeing people, and thinking about all the games I could be playing while I’m away not playing them. It’s going to be tragic, but I’ve come to terms with it now. However, you have an opportunity to put your foot down and be different. There are MMOs out there that are crying for your attention, each one bursting with hundreds of hours of gameplay for you to take on. But which one will you choose?

Of the popular MMOs today, I’d say that Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy 14 are your best bets. Firstly, they’re free-to-play up to a point, so you can enjoy them without needing to spend any money. There are expansions that offer a bigger chunk of the experience, but you can decide if you want to jump into those later on. Warframe is extremely similar, and one of the lesser discussed titles. Then, we’re looking at MMOs you need to buy into, but they’re no less amazing because of that price point.

Fallout 76 is my go to on this section. It costs a bit, but then you really do have an entire wasteland to explore with others. There’s also always something going on, so it’s never a bad place to be if you’re hoping to have a lot to play through. You can quietly work away at it over Christmas and get to a decent level to start the new year off with. Many other games have a similar feel, like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and Hot Wheels Unleashed. I’d even say that Hitman 3 is a good one to get into, but you really need to want to if you’re going to enjoy it. Have a think, then get out there and get into a game for the holiday period.

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