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The Batman Expansion In Hot Wheels Unleashed Is Incredibly Challenging

Hot Wheels Unleashed got its first major expansion last week, the Batman Expansion. I jumped into this ready to smash through all the new events that it adds to the game’s campaign. However, I was stumped by the massive jump in difficulty that you face while racing in them. No matter how good the vehicle was, it couldn’t even get the base time for the time trials. I’m not kidding when I say that I can’t complete these time trials in the best care in the game with fully maxed out stats. This is the hardest content in the game, and I don’t know if anyone can complete it.

Okay, so that was dramatic. I probably just need to get better at not hitting corners, but I stand by my statement that this is the hardest content the game has. Nothing in the base game compares to this. I have at least finished every event in the base game, meaning I’ve hit the base times in every time trial. The unleashed goals those harder goals that give you additional awards, are still out of my reach for now. However, I will get them one day. With this Batman content though, I can’t even get through the base times.

It feels as though developer Milestone is trying to get away from the idea that Hot Wheels is for kids. This game is hard as nails in some places, and this expansion is the hardest of those nails. There’s nothing more challenging, including the boss races. Maybe the idea is that the Hot wheels fans who this game is aimed at have grown up and are now incredibly good at games. That, or the game is trying to create a pro scene in which only a few players can do everything to a high degree of skill. Everyone else then falls by the wayside. I hope that future content isn’t quite this challenging, but then again, I do enjoy a challenge, and this game really knows how to hand it to me. I just want to be able to finish at least the basic goals so I can stop feeling like a failure.

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