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Horizon Forbidden West’s Accessibility Update Revolutionizes Looting

Horizon Forbidden West Update Adds Auto-Pickup and Accessibility Features for PS5 Players

The game industry has been making strides towards improving accessibility in recent years, and Horizon Forbidden West’s latest update is a prime example of this. Guerrilla Games’ action-RPG released a free update for PlayStation 5 users that includes several accessibility features, including a new auto-pickup setting that makes looting easier than ever.

The update includes new camera options, larger font sizes, and more navigation assistance. It also features a thalassophobia-friendly mode that allows Alloy to breathe underwater and enhances visibility while diving. However, the most significant quality-of-life improvement is the new auto-pickup feature, which allows players to collect every random branch, herb, and crafting resource they come across.

To enable the auto-pickup feature, players can simply navigate to the settings menu, scroll over to accessibility, and select “auto-pickup” near the bottom of the list. However, the feature has some limitations; it won’t work if your inventory is full, and it doesn’t work on fallen enemies or chests. Despite these limitations, the feature eliminates the tediousness of looting and makes the game much more enjoyable.

One downside to the update is that it only applies to the PS5 version of the game, which is frustrating for PS4 owners. Horizon Forbidden West’s cross-gen game’s big DLC expansion, Burning Shores, is “next-gen” only, meaning that PS4 players miss out on the game’s new conveniences and significant accessibility options.

Horizon Forbidden West’s accessibility update is a significant step forward for the industry, and it’s encouraging to see developers take accessibility seriously. The auto-pickup feature is a game-changer that streamlines gameplay and makes the game more enjoyable for everyone. Let’s hope that more developers follow Guerrilla Games’ lead and prioritize accessibility in their future titles.

In addition to the auto-pickup feature, the new update also adds several other accessibility options to make the game more inclusive for players with different needs. These options include larger font sizes, new camera options, and navigation assistance, among others. A thalassophobia-friendly mode has also been added, which allows players who are afraid of deep water to breathe underwater and makes it easier to see while diving.

The auto-pickup feature is a significant quality-of-life improvement that makes looting less of a hassle, and it’s great to see game developers making efforts to make their games more accessible for all players. However, it’s unfortunate that the feature is only available on the PS5 version of the game, leaving PS4 players out of the loop. It’s not clear why the feature couldn’t be added to the PS4 version, but hopefully, it’s something that can be addressed in the future.

The new update to Horizon Forbidden West is a welcome addition for players looking to enjoy the game with more ease and accessibility. It’s always encouraging to see developers prioritizing inclusivity and making their games more accessible for players with different needs. Hopefully, more games will follow suit and continue to improve the gaming experience for everyone.

The addition of accessibility features in games like Horizon Forbidden West is a step in the right direction for the industry. It is important for game developers to create games that can be enjoyed by as many people as possible, regardless of their abilities or disabilities. By adding features like auto-pickup, larger font sizes, and new camera options, game developers are making their games more accessible to players with different needs and preferences.

Accessibility in gaming has become an increasingly important topic in recent years, with many players advocating for more inclusive design. Games that prioritize accessibility benefit everyone, not just players with disabilities. For example, larger font sizes can be helpful for players with poor eyesight, but they can also make it easier for players to read text on smaller screens. Auto-pickup can make looting less tedious and more enjoyable for all players, not just those with disabilities.

The addition of accessibility features in Horizon Forbidden West is a positive step for the games industry. It shows that game developers are listening to the needs and concerns of players and are committed to creating games that are inclusive and accessible to everyone. Hopefully, more game developers will follow suit and prioritize accessibility in their future game designs.