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The Best Cheap Gaming Chairs in 2023

The gaming chair is an invaluable part of any gaming setup. It provides much needed comfort and support for extended gaming sessions. Thankfully, there is a huge market for this with a plethora of options to choose from based on your budget and preferences. In this article, I will outline the best cheap gaming chairs currently available to buy. Their original listing on Amazon UK will be linked below.

1. Elfordson Gaming Chair

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

The Elfordson Gaming chair is one of the more expensive ones on this list at £169.99. Nevertheless, it has a fantastic array of features that makes it very much worth the cost. It features a reclining back, slide rail armrests and even massage lumbar support. Its lumbar cushion has five different massage modes in total. The chair also has high build quality and an upgraded reinforced steel base.

2. Joyfly Gaming Chair

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

A current best-seller on Amazon, this is another great choice. This product features a high back and full lumbar support. The seat also contains high quality memory foam along with leather on the outside. Overall, it uses high quality materials while sporting an attractive, premium-looking design. Not only this, it has currently been discounted by 14% on Amazon UK to £119.99.

3. Millhouse Gaming Racing Desk Chair

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

The Milhouse Gaming Racing Chair is a great option in the sub 100 pound price range. For just £79.99 you get all the basic features one would expect from a gaming chair. It has a high back, it is reclinable and has lumbar support. The seat also has an attractive faux-leather finish. This chair is Amazon’s choice and it is easy to see why. It is great value for money overall.

4. JL Comfurni Gaming Chair

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

Another popular choice on Amazon. It has an adjustable lumbar pillow, an adjustable armrest along with a stylish diamond shaped cushion. Lastly, it also features a faux-leather finish. At a price of £109.99, this is another high quality chair that is absolutely worth checking out.

5. SITMOD Gaming Chair

Purchase: Amazon UK | Amazon US

This is another great option. The SITMOD gaming chair has a comfortable fabric seat along with a height adjustable swivel. Its overall design is attractive and it is easy to see why this is another Amazon best seller. As of writing this article, it is 26% off on Amazon, so now it is a great time to consider buying this gaming chair.

Hopefully, this article gives you a sense of what is out there on the market when it comes to cheap gaming chairs. Of course, after getting a high quality chair and finishing your gaming setup, there is nothing left but to start playing. If your budget isn’t as restricted, consider checking out our guide to the best gaming chairs overall.

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