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Indie Survival Horror ‘Syndrome’ Revealed

Bigmoon Studios, the developers behind Trapped Dead: Lockdown, have teamed up with Camel 101 to create the new space survival horror: Syndrome.

Originally named ‘Sleepers’, Syndrome tasks players with uncovering what happened to the crew of the S.P.S Valkenburg. The pre-alpha footage shows imagery reminiscent of the classic title System Shock 2 with plenty of dark bloodstained hallways and unfriendly looking creatures.

The team at Camel 101 hope to return to the roots of first person survival horror with a heavy focus on resource management and immersion. Interestingly, weapons will be a key feature, but won’t be available in abundance.

Syndrome will feature native Oculus Rift support, although console specific VR functionality is unannounced.

Syndrome will be hitting Steam Greenlight soon, with a full release on both Xbox One and PS4 in 2016.

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