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No Man’s Sky Expeditions Revisited Should Be A Yearly Event


Last week, Hello Games blew my mind by announcing No Man’s Sky Expeditions Revisited. This is a sort of update for No Man’s Sky that means that every Expedition from this year is now returning to the game for a short period of time. Each one from 1 to 4 is running up until the end of the year, and after that, it’s unlikely we’ll get them again. However, I think that Hello Games should do this every year. The company has already pointed out that it’s constantly working on new updates and new Expeditions for the game, so why not have an Expeditions Revisited event every year?

This year we’ve had four Expeditions in the second half of the year. If we average it out to say eight per year, there will be twelve to work through by the end of next year. That’s a stupid amount of content, but every single player will go in and enjoy it. I think that this would be a good move for Hello Games, even though some players would likely get sick of repeating all the Expeditions every year. No Man’s sKy is about being accessible, and accessibility is repeating the time-limited events that players loved.

Okay, so maybe every year is too much, but at least repeat them on a regular basis. Having a big Expeditions Revisited event in the summer of 2024 might just be what No Man’s Sky needs to give Hello Games a summer break while it works on the next big update for the game. It’s an incredibly dedicated and capable developer, one that I’d happily give money to if an expansion was on offer at a cost, but that’s never been the case.

No Man’s Sky players have found a new home in these Expeditions. For me, they’ve given me a new reason to log in and play every day. I’ve honestly never been as engaged with the game as I am now, and that took Expeditions to make happen. I’d love the chance to replay a huge number of Expeditions at some point in the future. For me Christmas is perfect because I’m indoors staying out of the cold, but even if that only happens every five years, I think it would be a golden opportunity.

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