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WWE 2K16: Developer Comments on XB1 Pre-Orders, Potential Divas DLC, Banned Creations & More

WWE 2K16 Cover

After the disappointing news that four of the WWE’s brightest female stars have not made the cut for WWE 2K16’s roster, the wrestling sim’s publisher has been left to field many questions from infuriated fans over the weekend.

To their credit, 2K Games – via community manager Bryan Vore along with 2K Sports senior producer Mark Little – have been engaging directly with the WWE Universe via Twitter and the game’s official forums,  answering many queries about what will and won’t be included in the upcoming game. According to a recent tweet, the company will release information on the Xbox One and 360 digital versions of the game shortly, over two weeks after it announced its plans for the PS Store:

Meanwhile, the pair have also cleared up a few other uncertainties via various posts on the 2K Games forums:

On other divas being included as DLC: “We’re not talking DLC yet beyond the announcement. However, [Friday]’s story only ruled out the Horsewomen. Take that as you will.

On alternate attires: “There are many unannounced alternate versions of characters. Hope to drill into the specifics soon!”

On removing masks: “The WWE has strict rules around how we represent the past and present WWE Superstars and Divas in the game. For those that wear masks, we are not allowed to remove them in-game. This follows the long standing tradition that if you remove a luchador’s mask, that is the end of that persona. Of course like all things WWE there are some special cases like Kane and Mankind who we are allowed to show without masks as well. For masked superstars like Fernando, Diego, Kalisto or Sin Cara; we uphold the tradition, the mask cannot be removed.”

On Cody Rhodes: “We requested to have Cody Rhodes [not as Stardust] in WWE 2K16 but it was not approved by the WWE. Much like the masked wrestlers, the WWE doesn’t like to mix personas of active roster Superstars and Divas. If the alternate persona is from long enough ago then we are sometimes allowed to include the alternate persona, but with recent history that is generally not allowed.”

On banned community creations: “We’re still determining the official standards for creation. I’ll be sure to post the complete guidelines in the forums before launch.”

WWE 2K16 is scheduled to launch on October 27 across current and last-gen consoles.

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