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Full List of WWE 2K16’s 200 New Finishers Revealed

2K Games has today released an exhaustive list of the 200-plus new moves that can be used as finishers in upcoming wrestling sim WWE 2K16.

In a quick video uploaded to the official WWE2KDev YouTube channel, one of the game’s creators whizzed through the list of newly added finishers, with the help of the game’s CAW mode. Luckily for you, we repeatedly paused the video so you didn’t have to.

Notable additions from the full list below include Seth Rollins’ Phoenix Splash, John Cena’s Springboard Stunner and the Salida del Sol, better known as the Asai DDT. It’s worth noting that some of the moves listed are simply new animations, rather than all-new manoeuvres entirely.

12 Steps

3:16 Thesz Press

Abdominal Stretch 2

Air Raid Siren

Arm Trap STO

Arm Wrench DDT

Attitude Adjustment 1

Back/Neckbreaker Combo

Back Neckbreaker

Backbreaker & Leg Sweep

Basement Dropkick 3

Beauty Shot

Belly to Back Mat Slam 2

Bow & Arrow

Bowing Leg Drop

Brain Chop 1

Brainbuster 2

Bridging Butterfly Suplex

Canadian Backbreaker 3

Capture Suplex

Caribbean Kick

Chicken Wing Gutbuster 2

Chokeslam 3

Clothesline 20

Cloverleaf 2

Codebreaker 1

Corkscrew Senton 2

Corner European Uppercut

Corner Facebuster

Corner Stomps 2

Corner Trapped Clotheslines 2

Coup De Grace

Cravate Neckbreaker

Crouching Uppercut 2

Curb Stomp 1

Curb Stomp 2

Dark Matter


Deadlift Gutwrench Suplex 2

Diamond Dust

Director’s Cut

Diving Clothesline 5


Double Leg Drop to Groin

East River Crossing

Electric Chair & Roading Elbow

Empire Elbow

Enzuigiri 5

European Uppercut 3

Face Stretch 2


Falcon Arrow 3

Fallaway Package Powerbomb

Famouser 1

Famouser 2

Figure Four Sharpshooter

Final Cut 1

Fisherman Driver 2

Fisherman Neckbreaker 2

Fist Drop 1

Flapjack 4

Flatliner 1

Float-Over DDT 1

Float-Over Neckbreaker 2

Float-Over Snap Suplex

Foot Press 1

Forearm Smash 7

Frankensteiner 2

Full Nelson Slam 3

G.T.S. 3

Gentleman’s Clutch

German Suplex 5

Go Home Driver

Gut Kick & Forearm Smash

Half & Half Suplex 1

Half & Half Suplex 2

Half Nelson Bulldog

Handstand Headscissors Takedown

Headbutting Ram-Paige

Headscissors DDT

Helluva Kick 2

Hesitation Dropkick

Hip Press

Hollywood & Vine 1

Hollywood & Vine 2

Impaler DDT 3

Inverted Powerslam

Itami Strike Combination

Jumping Clothesline 1

Jumping Corner Clothesline

Jumping Knee Strike 4

Knee to Groin

Kneeling Facebuster

Kneeling Jawbreaker

KO Cannonball


Lawn Dart

Leg Drop DDT

Leg Trap DDT

Lift & Cutter

Lift Inverted DDT 1

Lift Inverted DDT 2

Lift Single Underhooker DDT 2

Listo Kick

Lo Down Leg Drop

Lost in the Woods

Love Tap Head Strike

Low Down

Lunatic Fringe Elbow Drop

Mandible Claw 3

Meat Hook Clothesline

Middle Rope Corkscrew Elbow

Middle Rope Crossbody 1

Middle Rope Crossbody 2

Middle Rope DDT

Middle Rope Front Dropkick 1

Middle Rope Front Dropkick 2

Middle Rope Missile Dropkick

Middle Rope Senton 1

Middle Rope Senton 2

Middle Rope Shoulder Block

Mr. McMahon Stunner

Mudhole Stomps 2

Neutralizer 2

Oklahoma Stampede

Olympic Slam 3

Package Piledriver

Pedigree 3

Pele Kick 1

Pele Kick 2

Pendulum Backbreaker Stretch

Phoenix Splash

Pop-Up Powerbomb 1

Pop-Up Powerbomb 2

Powerbomb 1

Powerslam 5

Pumphandle Backbreaker

Pumphandle Drop 3

Pumphandle Drop 4

Pumphandle Neckbreaker 2

Pumphandle Suplex 1

Pumphandle Suplex 2

Rebound Elbow Strike 2

Release Tiger Bomb

Rib Buster

Ricola Bomb

Roading Swiss Uppercut

Rock Bottom 3

Rocker Dropper

Rolling Neckbreaker

Rolling Savate 3

Romero Dragon Sleeper

Rope Hung Knee Strikes 2

Rude Awakening 2

Running Bella bUster

Running Bionic Elbow

Running Chop

Running Corner Knee Strikes

Running Euro Uppercut

Running Hip Attack 1

Running Senton 3

Russian Leg Sweep 2

Salida Del Sol

Sambo Suplex

Samoan Driver 2

Samoan Drop 3

School Boy Powerbomb

School Boy Superkick

Sharpshooter 1

Sharpshooter 2

Sharpshooter 4

Shotgun Dropkick

Shoulder Tackle 1

Shoulder Tackle 2

Shoulder Tackle 3

Shoulder Tackle 4

Sidewalk Slam 3

Single Leg Dropkick 2

Single Underhook Facebuster

Sit-Out Tombstone

Sit-Out Jawbreaker 1

Skull Crushing Finale

Sky High

Sling Blade

Slingshot Falcon Arrow

Slingshot Guillotine Leg Drop

Snap Swing Neckbreaker 2

Snapmare Driver

Snapmare Knee Smash 1

Snapmare Knee Smash 2

Sole Kick & Uppercut 1

Somersault Leg Drop

Spin Headlock Elbow Drop

Spinebuster 2

Spinebuster 3

Spinebuster 15

Spinebuster 16

Spinning Hammerlock Takedown

Spinning Heel Kick 4

Srpingboard Headscissor Takedown

Springboard Stunner 1

Squatting Indian Deathlock

Step-Over Heel Kick


Stone Cold Stunner 3

Straight Jacker DDT

Stump Puller

Stun Gun 2

Superkick 8

Superkick 9

Superkick 10

Superman Punch 2

Suplex City 1

Suplex City 2

Suplex Release Slam

Surfboard Facecrusher 1

Swanton Bomb 2

Sweet Shin Music

Swinging Rope Guillotine

T-Bone Suplex 3

Teardrop Suplex Combo

Texas Piledriver

That’s A Wrap!

The Accolade


Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker 2

Tongan Death Grip

Triple Back Elbows

Triple Clotheslines

Triple Headbutts

Very European Uppercut 2

Wheelbarrow Flapjack

Wheelbarrow Split-Leg Armdrag

Wheelbarrow Suplex 2


Wristlock Arm Drag 4

Zig Zag 2

WWE 2K16 is scheduled to release on October 27 across current and last-gen consoles.

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  • IrnBruGuru

    Doing a caws moveset is gonna take ages, it will be awesome, this game looks and sounds like it will be a milestone game that people will refer back to.

    Everyone complaining about roster omissions when there’s all the old features back and then some, and over 127 playable superstars and divas ON DISC is just clutching at straws.

    You all said you wanted more on the roster, you want create a story back, you want create a diva, you want better my career, we get all the demands and yet 80% of comments I’ve seen are negative.

    Honestly don’t get it at all.

    Anyone any ideas when it will get put on the Xbox marketplace? I think it’s already been added to the psn store but no sign on the Xbox marketplace. I’m assuming this Tuesday but I guess I just need to impatiently wait lol.

    • TheSupinesmokey13

      doing moveset sets always takes long time to do for me becuase im so particular about moves now , the actual wreslters i want their proper movsets, if im creating a caw with a character imn mind his movest has to reflect his character, i still want create a story and , create a finisher i just create Kurt angle’s 450 knee drop on 2k14 , and a catching Rko off on the top rope using the corner of create a finhser, that said im happy with what 2k16 looks like and is shaping up to be, besides backwards compatibilty means that older games should be playable on the one as Microsoft have come out and a said that games of partner comapnies like 2k are likely to be made compatible so i can still play 13 and 14, till till i get story designer and CAF. you can create ‘high spots’s using caf to create a great climax to a match. but bring 2k16 on all these moves is making me want it now im a moveset fiend.

      • IrnBruGuru

        Lol I’m the same with my movesets I usually make a caw spend ages getting him to look like he has a personality and then reflect that into his moves like if I made a guy called the Body Breaker he’d be all powerful and devastating with his moves, I like to make a lot of guys never repeating moves or whatever I was so gutted last year when I foundn2k15 had was it 20 caw slots? Lol they was like “yeah dean ambrose, Rollins and reigns attires are out of date but you can change that in superstar suite” that’s 3 caw slots gone and that’s just for them.

        They lasted 5 minutes this year with 100 again? Wow no end, I’m making an arena, my own wrestling company for universe and I’m creating its entire roster with original caws its gonna be awesome, especially with create a belt (if it doesn’t suck like it did in 2k14) the older games had a much better create a belt with plaques and belt plates instead of generic crap and logos that made it look cheap.

        I can’t wait I’ve been waiting to buy the season pass but the game hasn’t even gone on Xbox marketplace STILL!!!! I even contacted Microsoft like wtf are you playing at its out in less than a month!!! They said they’re waiting for the go ahead from 2k so don’t get wtf they’re waiting for, its on PS store. Im as patient as a bull staring at a guy in a red T-shirt lol