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Reports: Until Dawn to Receive ‘Rush of Blood’ DLC

Until Dawn

Supermassive Games’ Until Dawn may be set to receive a PlayStation VR-compatible DLC in the form of an on-rails first-person shooter, according to reports.

Destructoid claims the PS4-exclusive survival horror title is set to receive a downloadable expansion titled Rush of Blood, which Sony is purportedly market testing in the UK. According to an email received by the publication, the game plays out as follows:

“Well you get transported around inside a mine cart; it’s very literally an on-rails experience. There are a few scattered jumpscares, as you’d expect, but I played the same 20 minute section twice (once with DS4, once with dual Move controllers), so I’m hoping the full DLC is a lot more padded out. I didn’t see which character I was playing as, I’m not sure if it’s specified, but no names were mentioned at all.

It starts off shooting targets in the snow, then moves toward a house and as you get deeper into the house, enemies start appearing.”

It is possible, of course, that the game described could simply be a tech demo for the PlayStation VR hardware, as repurposing Supermassive’s interactive drama as an on-rails shooter seems like an unusual choice. What do you think of these rumours? Sound off in the comments below.

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