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Gameplay Footage of Rayman Creator’s PS4-Exclusive WiLD Unveiled

From Michel Ancel, the creator of Rayman, comes the newly announced PS4 exclusive WiLD. During the Sony conference at Paris Games Week, WiLD was showcased in gameplay walkthrough video spanning over five minutes.

WiLD appears to be an open-world action-survival game coming from developer Wild Sheep Studio that centers around the relationship between man and nature. Within the video, the player is shown to control a sorcerer/shaman that spends the majority of the time riding a bear or using the power of possession to control eagles and rabbits. Ancel states that the greatest enemies in WiLD are other humans. Players can use animals to take on the “dangerous” humans. The trailer closes showing a massive, snake-like goddess that Ancel explains is an example of the “forces of nature” that challenge the player’s knowledge of the world of WiLD.

Although no release window or date has been announced, players can expect WiLD to arrive as a PS4 exclusive sometime in the future.

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