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PS4 Exclusive Matterfall Announced by Makers of Resogun

A trailer for the new PS4 exclusive Matterfall was shown today at the Paris Games Week Sony Conference. Matterfall comes from Housemarque, the developers of Resogun, Super Stardust, and Dead Nation. The video shows an unidentified protagonist in a cyborg-esque suit as he jumps and flies around a futuristic, sci-fi city battling a material made from red 3D pixels. The material forms various enemies such as infected, humanoid life-forms and a four-legged tank. The action involves plenty of vibrantly colored shots being fired by both the protagonist and enemies.

Although the video features no gameplay footage, a blog post at Playstation EU states that player can “expect over-the-top action” that has now become a staple of Housemarque games. According to the post, the setting is a sci-fi world that has become infected by an alien material deemed “Smart Matter.” Players have been tasked with exploring the unnamed world and attempting to uncover the mystery of the “Smart Matter” as the substance threatens the human race.

No further information or hints of a release date have been discussed at this time. Expect more news concerning Matterfall in the coming year.

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