Warlock of Firetop Mountain Gets Kickstarter for Video Game

Tin Man Games has started a Kickstarter project for adapting Warlock of Firetop Mountain into a video game. WFM started as an adventure gamebook in 1982 and has since spawned a board game and some novels. “Tin Man Games is bringing it closer towards its tabletop role-playing game roots, complete with a rich interactive 3D map, collectible digital miniatures, an updated combat system and the ability to explore Firetop Mountain with multiple characters” says the Kickstarter page. Players will even be able to play as the titular warlock himself.

WFM has been so popular that the project has already reached double its donation goal with over 20 days remaining until the Kickstarter’s close on November 29. RPG fans can officially look forward to the game’s now-guaranteed development.

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