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Prey Receives New World-Building Trailer, ‘The History of TranStar’

Bethesda has today released a new trailer for its upcoming narrative-driven first-person shooter, Prey.

Titled “The History of TranStar”, the video takes a deeper look into the game’s universe, providing users with some historical context surrounding the dubious TranStar experiments that take place onboard the Talos I space station.

Prey, a reboot of Human Head Studio’s 2006 original, is set in an alternate future where President Kennedy wasn’t assassinated, thus setting off a different series of events for the US. The space race was on between the US and Russia, and the conflicting parties ultimately created the Talos I station via a joint project. This station is owned by the TranStar Corporation, which has been home to nefarious experiments affecting the people, or subjects, living there. Players will follow the story of Morgan Yu, a subject who is contaminated with alien powers, and must stop the corporation from setting their alien-experiments on the world.

The game is being developed by Dishonored creator Arkane Studios, and is slated to release sometime in 2017 for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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