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Humble Store Offers Up to 85 Percent Discount on Selected Telltale Games Titles

The Walking Dead Michonne

Some of Telltale Games’ most popular titles are being slashed in price today, as the Humble Store has launched a build-your-own-bundle deal that gives users up to 85 percent off.

If users purchase a single game, they are entitled to 75 percent off of its MSRP. For example, Telltale’s Game of Thrones complete season is priced at $7.49, while The Walking Dead: Season 1, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Tales From the Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us are all discounted to $6.24. Other titles including The Walking Dead: Michonne, Back to the Future: The Game, and The Walking Dead: 400 Days are priced between $1.24 and $4.99.

Users can claim further discounts by adding multiple games to their bundle. Purchasing three titles provides them with an 80 percent discount; four is 83 percent off; and five gives the full 85 percent discount.

All of the games featured in the offer are playable on PC and Mac via Steam.

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