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Playing Death Stranding’s Two Trailers Side-by-Side Reveals Genius Kojima Easter Egg

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We’ve come to expect the unexpected from legendary game developer Hideo Kojima, but the Death Stranding producer may have outdone himself with what can only be described as a genius easter egg in promotional material for his studio’s upcoming PS4 exclusive.

Kojima himself admitted that the latest Death Stranding trailer, unveiled earlier this week at The Game Awards 2016, was full of hidden hints, clues and deliberate “misleads”. Having tried to make sense of the five-minute teaser over the past several days, there’s one hidden tidbit that we certainly missed – and you most likely will have, too.

By pairing up the TGA teaser with the game’s official E3 reveal trailer, users have spotted that one sequence syncs up almost perfectly; the creepy baby seen in both videos can be seen to transport from the arms of Norman Reedus’s character in the first trailer into the incubator-like device held by Guillermo del Toro’s character in the second (start first video at 85 seconds; second at 112).

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If anyone else were responsible for putting these trailers together, we’d accept the possibility that it was one awesome coincidence. Kojima being Kojima however, we know better.

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