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PSVR Title Perfect Branded a ‘VR Screensaver’; Users Slam Lack of Interaction

nDreams, the creator of the critically acclaimed VR title The Assembly, released its latest PSVR project Perfect this week – and users aren’t at all happy with the experience on offer.

In pre-launch promotional materials, Perfect promised to be an “immersive and relaxing” virtual reality experience for players by allowing them to escape to one of a number of “breathtaking” retreats – but many users soon reported that the title was anything but what its name would have you believe.

Purchasers of the $9.99 ‘experience’ reported issues with the title’s graphics – chiefly, that they were extremely blurry – and criticised Perfect’s limited player interactivity and general performance problems. Some users even went as far to describe the title as little more than a “VR screensaver” for their console. [1, 2]

Reportedly, each of the three locations included in the title only allow users to explore three set points on the map, with limited movement available.

Today, developer nDreams has been forced to respond amidst a growing number of complaints. In a statement, a spokesman for the studio said:

“We know that for some of you Perfect didn’t quite hit your expectations on launch. We’re currently working on a patch that will improve some of the quality issues within the experience and address some of your concerns. We don’t yet have a timescale for when this patch will launch, but we will keep you updated.

“Perfect is a new type of experience on a brand new VR platform, so we’re still learning what does and doesn’t work and we won’t get everything right for all people every time. That is why we’d love to hear from you, as well as the people you’re showing it to, and gather your feedback on Perfect… While suggestions might not make it into an update, every piece of feedback we receive helps us stay informed and we can learn from this for our releases in the future.”

The spokesman went on to confirm that despite previous reports, the title does in fact contain PS4 Pro enhancements in the form of an increased resolution.

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