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Users Make First Contact with Aliens in Elite: Dangerous

Elite Dangerous 16x9

After years of hints, teases and false leads, aliens have finally been sighted in Frontier Developments’ space adventure title Elite: Dangerous.

Earlier today, Xbox One user DP Sayre recorded the first known contact with a hostile race thought to be the long-rumoured  Thargoids, thought to have been stealthily added in the title’s The Guardians free update late last year.

The authenticity of the clips was later confirmed by Frontier’s official Twitter account:

The Elite: Dangerous fan community is continuing to investigate the exact nature of the mysterious creatures, and the following co-ordinates have been shared on social media, which purportedly provide exact locations of the alien craft:

  • Aries Dark Region EW-M B7-1
  • Aries Dark Region XU-O B6-3
  • Pleides Sector BRM-M B7-0

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