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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Looks Breathtaking


The latest expansion for Elite Dangerous has been revealed, Odyssey. The expansion, on top of many other changes, allows players to finally get out and walk around the worlds in the game’s expansive galaxy. This is a monumental new feature for Elite Dangerous, since it’s only been possible to explore planets with rovers, or just your ship. The expansion is set to launch for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in 2021, and will redefine once again what space exploration is in gaming.

I her you saying it right now, “but you can already walk around worlds in No Man’s Sky!” Well the key difference here is that elite Dangerous’ galaxy is modelled on our own Milky Way. While not completely accurate, it’s about as accurate as space exploration in gaming can get. The community in the game is colossal, and they’re really active as well. There is a big barrier to entry in the form of learning how to control ships, but apart from that the game is incredible for any space enthusiast.

But first person wandering around planets isn’t the only thing coming with Odyssey. Players will also be able to find new NPCs, get new missions, and have an almost endless stream of content. The developers are really leaning into the idea that providing too much content is the thing to do, and with this community they’re probably right. Providing new missions and activities will help Elite Dangerous players find a fresh new experience, one that they might have been waiting for.

The part that I’m really excited about for Odyssey is the addition of VR. This feature won’t make it into the game at launch, but it will be something that’s added over time. Playing No Man’s Sky in VR is like entering another world, particularly when flying around in your ship. I can only imagine just how impressive our galaxy looks in Elite Dangerous’ engine in VR.

If you’ve yet to get into Elite Dangerous, now might well be the time. As I said, there’s a huge fan base playing all the time, and they’re friendly enough that they would help you get to grips with the ropes of flying a spaceship. Plus, if you get into it now, you’ll have a decent ship by the time it comes to exploring worlds in far off corners of the galaxy.

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