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Gravity Rush 2 Geometry Rendered at Native 4K on PS4 Pro; Supports Downsampling on 1080p Displays

Gravity Rush 2’s geometry is rendered at native 4K on the PS4 Pro, while its shading and other passes are rendered at a slightly lower resolution.

Additionally, SIE Japan Studio’s action-adventure sequel also supports downsampling for those who are using their PS4 Pro with a 1080p display, offering an improved image quality over the base console.

The news comes via in-depth analysis by tech firm Digital Foundry, who this morning published an overwhelmingly positive performance report for the title, which officially releases on January 18.

The result of the Gravity Rush 2’s rendering means that pixelation and blur is present within objects, but the native 4K geometry does mean that their edges are clear and well-defined. Digital Foundry asserted that this method led to an “effective compromise”.

The firm also reported that the title has no problems maintaining a steady 30 frames per second on both the PS4 Pro and base console.

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