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Overwatch Brigitte Voice Actor Comments On Harassment

Overwatch Brigitte

The Overwatch Brigitte meta has some people very upset and they have resorted to sending Tweets and messages to the voice actor behind the character. Matilda Smedius has been getting a lot of criticism and she finally responded to one of the comments in which she said that she did understand why people were being so harsh to her.

One of the fans commented that Brigitte destroyed Overwatch and the meta. You can check out the comment and the response of the Overwatch Brigitte voice actor Matilda Smedius below:

Matilda Smedius further went on to talk about how she was going to delete the tweet because she did not want to waste her energy on a very small fraction of people that are negative and not supportive. The following is what she had to say in this regard:

Sorry, guys, might delete this tweet because why waste energy on people just spreading bad vibes….. Like, FINE, if you feel like one character destroyed a whole game – you have the right to think so – but maybe give constructive criticism to the developers instead of harassing the voice actor. I’m so sorry for tweeting about this, I really only want to spread love and positivity. I just don’t understand the point of people doing this. I just DON’T UNDERSTAND.

It is worth mentioning that Matilda Smedius has nothing to do with the balance of the game or the Overwatch meta and it is pointless to complain about the matter and talk to her about it. There is very little that she can do and you will have better luck talking to the developer instead.

Blizzard has teased a new character that will be coming out soon and this will the be 30th character since the game came out.

Let us know what you think about people harassing Overwatch Brigitte voice actor Matilda Smedius and her reply regarding the matter.

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