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WWE 2K20: Who Needs to Be on the Roster?

WWE 2K19 - AJ Styles

We still don’t know exactly what WWE 2K20 is going to bring in terms of gameplay options and changes. And, really, the sky’s the limit as far as the imagination is concerned with things the devs could do to improve the world’s most popular wrestling game.

But one thing that we do know for sure is that the devs can include certain wrestlers in WWE 2K20 and probably make more people happy than they would by doing any other single thing. Who exactly should they put in WWE 2K20?

In this article, we’ll give you some suggestions about the wrestlers that we think must be included in WWE 2K20.

Some are classics from the day while others are just less appreciated, though still awesome contenders that would make perfect additions to the game. Here’s our list of wrestlers we think need to be on the roster for WWE 2K20:

Nikki Cross

Excluded the last go around, this Raw and Smackdown regular needs to be featured in WWE 2K20 if the game wants to be considered legit according to some fans. Not only is Nikki Cross one of the WWE’s biggest stars but also a rising star that is seen by many as the future of the arena.

Hulk Hogan

Yes, that Hulk Hogan, but hear us out: Things have changed a lot since that ugly racism controversy made him persona non grata on the WWE rosters. He even starred in the Crown Jewel event held in Saudi Arabia and, since 2018, has made appearances on Raw and other shows.

A classic wrestler, Hulk Hogan is one of the oldest names in the game and that should be honoured somehow.

Torrie Wilson

There are more women in the WWE now than ever before and the WWE series has done a great job of including them. Torrie Wilson’s induction into the Hall of Fame ahead of Wrestlemania 35 should secure her a spot on the roster for the game per 2K’s tradition of including the female hall of famers.

Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy is not only a seriously accomplished wrestler but his exclusion in the past is kind of baffling. Nonetheless, his performance over the past year more than warrants his inclusion on WWE 2K20’s roster. If added, it would be his first appearance since the 2K17 game.

Matt Riddle

This UFC transfer has shown a lot of promise in his brief history with the WWE, and some people think he’s a star in the making. Part of the WWE family since 2018, Matt Riddle is no stranger to the spotlight, starring in reality show The Ultimate Fighter 7 and angling to take as much of the spotlight as possible while he’s on the stage for the WWE.

In a few words, Matt Riddle is a natural for this format and 2K should give his growing fanbase a shout out.

Keith Lee

Not only does he remind people of the greats like Andre the Giant, among others, but Keith Lee’s overwhelming physical presence is remarkable given the generally inflated sizes of wrestlers now as compared to then.

He brings a classic sense to the ring and absolutely towers over opponents. He is basically the WWE’s Zangief, and that’s why he needs to be on the WWE 2K20 roster.

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