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Does The End Of Fortnite Season 10 Indicate A Cycle?


Over the weekend, Fortnite saw one of the biggest season ending events occur. There were also a number of supposed leaks regarding Season 11, the next season for Fortnite, which have got me thinking about a potential cycle Epic Games might be employing for Fortnite moving forward.

The rocket that they mysterious Visitor had built in Dusty Depot launched, crated a new rift, and sent the Fortnite world into chaos. As more rockets shot out of anomalies and created new ones, the meteor created a zero point, and anther one appeared and did the same, which ended the map. Players who were logged in at the time saw the map fall into a black hole, and that black hole hasn’t changed since. Anyone who logs into the game and tries to start a battle royale match will see the loading screen fall into the same black hole.

Fortnite’s seasons always end with a big event, from a huge robot fighting a monster, to a singularity changing reality itself around the player. However, this is the first time that the map has been so completely destroyed. Each and every end of season event closes the game so that Epic Games can implement the changes they have for the next season, which usually change the map quite a lot. But this is the first time we’ve seen the map disappear entirely.

10 Season Cycle

With this being the end of Season 10, I think that Epic Games is ready for a brand new map, somewhere they can change and create new areas for players to battle in that is totally new. The game’s original map wasn’t built to be used as much as it is, because Fortnite wasn’t that popular at the time, so it makes sense that Epic Games would want to evolve where players are spending their time. I’m not just pulling this out of thin air though, I have some potential evidence.


Some images, you can see above, were leaked for something called Fortnite Chapter 2. Given that the game is in its tenth season, possibly moving to the eleventh, a second chapter doesn’t make that much sense. That is unless you think about the game in terms of ten season cycles. Fortnite has been losing players and viewers across various streaming platforms for a while now, but there’s always an influx of players with each season’s beginning and end.

My thought is that Epic Games is now bringing so many changes to Fortnite, including a new map, that they’re calling it Chapter 2. This new chapter for the game is what Epic Games has designed based on the feedback and player experience from all ten seasons of Fortnite so far. I propose that Fortnite Chapter 2 is planned for use for another ten seasons, at which point Epic Games will launch Chapter 3, built from the player experiences and feedback from Chapter 2.

Tens seasons is a long time for a game to see as many players as Fortnite does, particularly when you consider that each season is a few months long. Realistically the game was never going to last forever, but with major changes, like the ones each season brings, it has lasted a lot longer than it would have done otherwise. I believe that Chapter 2 is the next step in evolving Fortnite, something that’s beyond a season update. I would say that the differences between Chapters are on the same level as the changes game see between major releases, such as Uncharted and Uncharted 2.

Fortnite is currently still down for maintenance, so we won’t know the extent of the changes until this downtime ends. Let us know what you think about the end of Fortnite Season 10 in the comments.

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