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Resident Evil 3 Remake Cover Leaks Ahead Of Reveal

This is not a drill.

We’ve been following the Resident Evil 3 Remake story with excitement ever since the rumours started shambling onto the internet a few weeks ago. In fact earlier today we speculated that Resident Evil 3 looked set to be revealed in the next few days.

Capcom have stayed quiet during this whole thing. They know. We know. And they know we know. But they have still stayed tight lipped. Even now, although we’re almost certain now that the official announcement is close.

Thanks to leaker Gamstat (via ResetEra) we’ve got a glimpse of the games cover art. Let’s hope we get a trailer to go with it once the official word comes from Capcom.

The cover gives us a look at the redesigned Jill, Carlos and Nemesis and borrows slightly from the Resident Evil 2 Remakes look and style. We imagine the game will borrow heavily from that title.

But more importantly, the Resident Evil 3 Remake is real and it’s coming.


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